I know it is December 18th and it might seem a bit late for a gift guide, but I haven’t bought any gifts yet so I’m going to safely assume there are others out there! Please enjoy a few gifts that I think are great for almost anyone even the people that say “they don’t need anything”.


    I have recently joined the “Travel Mug Club” with the purchase of this Kinto travel mug. It keeps your beverage at the perfect temperature, it’s simple and minimalistic and the perfect size to pop in your bag or your oversized winter pockets. This is one of the best adult things I have ever bought!


    I think we all know someone who rides a bike but doesn’t wear a helmet. Give the gift of safety with this cleaned lined head protector!


    It is always handy to have a notebook, wether you are travelling, writing down your genius ideas, or making grocery lists and like to do it the old fashioned way, sans phone.


    Earnest ice cream is the perfect thing to bring to a dinner party as a treat or a hostess gift and would also be a great stocking stuffer (maybe put a picture of it in the stocking and keep it in the freezer, or gift a gift card!)


    Another awesome hostess or stocking gift. These preserves seriously elevate cheese night!


    My friend group is currently in the 30’s nesting phase. We are all stoked to stay home, drink wine and entertain our friends from our own abodes. You can never have enough nice napkins or tea towels and we are unlikely to buy them for ourselves.


    These towels are one of my favourite products. They are awesome for beach towels, picnic blankets, home towels, throws for your sofa, cover ups in the warmer weather & continued!


    This is literally the best granola I have ever eaten. It tastes like you are eating fluffy clouds of graham-ey goodness. Who would’t love a bag of super fancy granola!? (it is also gluten free! )


    Please refer to the nesting comment above. Candles are cool again, especially if they are locally made, smell amazing and help you to relax.


    Mindfulness, being present and meditation have become such an important part of daily life. Giving someone a tool to motivate or enhance their practice would probably make their day. These cushions could also be dual purposed as floor pillows for when you have guests over.

Linens for the home.


This is a bit of a random topic but I feel like it is functional! I went to post an instagram this morning of a faucet and a dish cloth and thought it would cool to suggest some places around town where you can get some gorgeous and good quality linens for your home. I’m not one who likes to spend a ton of money on this kind of thing, but we use linens, towels, dish clothes every day, so my thought is if we buy better they will last longer and elevate the aesthetic in our homes.


$22.00 | Binchotan Tea Towel | Orling & Wu

This tea towel is infused with binchotan charcoal which is the highest grade of charcoal and is known for its purification properties. It also absorbs odours and bacteria and comes in an a selection a really nice rustic/neutral tones.


$15.00 | Binchotan Dish Cloth | Orling & Wu

It comes in a dish cloth as well. I think the binchotan properties would be even better put to use in a dishcloth.


$22.00 | Stoned Washed Texeda Hand Towel | Nineteen Ten

I love this option for his versatility. You could use this in your bathroom as a hand towel or in the kitchen as a tea towel, but I would also purpose them as every day napkins. They are highly absorbent, eco-friendly and made in Turkey!


$70.00 | Waffle Towel | Nineteen Ten

This fabric is so delicious! It has such great visual and physical texture. It is a little pricier for a towel, but like the other tea towel it is pretty multi-purpose. You could have a couple of these in your bathroom (they would look really lovely, casually hanging on some hooks), or you could use it a your beach towel, or a throw on your sofa. They are fast drying, light weight and made in Turkey.


$28.00-$90.00 | Pasak Linen & White Towels | The Cross Decor + Design

These are a tad more traditional than my usual style but I think they are super gorgeous and detailed espicially if you would like something a little more formal or special for guests. The price ranges for the face, hand or body towel. I recently used the face towel as a dish towel in photoshoot and while that may seem like a pricey towel to do the dishes with it added a beautiful detailed element to the kitchen. These beauties are made in Portugal and can be tossed in the washing machine on warm.


$22.00-$95.00 | Uchino Zero Twist Towel Orling & Wu

These towels are light, simple would suit almost any space. They are carefully combed to prevent shedding and have a hollow core which makes them quick drying while still having a high absorbency. I have felt these in person and they are so luscious and light, the photo does not do them justice. These are great investment towels for sure.


$48.00 | Shapes Grey Towel | The Cross Decor + Design

So simple and lovely. Would look great in the bathroom or the kitchen and would be functional for both. It is machine washable and made in Mexico.


$75.00 | Bath Sheet | Le Fil Rouge Textiles

This company is Vancouver based and designs their products locally with 100% European linen. Did you know that linen is the most absorbent, natural fiber in the world!? I love the versatility of products like this and the name" “bath sheet”. You can use them as towels, traveling blankets, table clothes, throws for your sofa… You name it.

All of these stores carry lots of different options for home linens and other really beautiful decorative and functional pieces.

Honourable mentions: The Cross Decor & Design , Nineteen Ten , Orling & Wu, Le Fil Rouge Textiles

Shopping on South Granville

I have lived on South Granville for 2 years now, and could not be happier here. My neighbours and I have actually given this ‘hood’ the nickname “SOGO” - pass it along to your friends, we are trying to make it stick! We are surrounded by pup-filled parks, tree-lined bike routes, coffee shops, and artisan markets... but mainly, dozens of unique boutiques and stores. As one of Vancouver's best hubs for shopping and design, it is the perfect location for me and my career. There are too many stores to mention, but here are a few of my favourites to pop into when I am sourcing for clients or just looking for some creative inspiration.

EQ3 | @eq3

If I had to pick a favourite, this store is the winner. It is a Canadian company that makes minimalistic and contemporary pieces that will last in your home for years, not just due to the quality but also because of the timeless style.  You can find kitchenware, bathroom accessories, furnishings for your bedroom, living room, kitchen and office, as well as contemporary lighting fixtures. The staff is super knowledgeable and can assist you in pulling together the look you want for your space. I can always find exactly what I am looking for in here and am never frightened away by the price point. EQ3 is a great store for finding well made, custom-esque pieces to elevate the aesthetic of your home.

Photos by | Ryley Bickerdike of Curate Interior Styling + Design | @curate_ca

Turnabout Home | @turnaboutluxuryretail

Another one of my favourite places in the neighbourhood for unique finds is Turnabout Home. They have a curated selection of second hand, vintage, antique and modern pieces, not to mention the staff is beyond helpful.  Turnabout is an awesome option to purchase un-replicated pieces at a reasonable price point. I like to draw inspiration from particular statement items here. Mixing new and old always gives a more thoughtfully curated look.

Photos by | Ryley Bickerdike of Curate Interior Styling + Design | @curate_ca

West Elm | @westelm

West Elm is a great store to frequently pop into. They are always on trend, showcasing current accessories and furnishings for your home. They also have an in-house design team that can help you shop smart and buy the right pieces for your space. Being a larger store, one of the things I like most about West Elm is their collaborative mind set to work with local artisans and showcase their pieces, by hosting pop ups and displaying artwork. Their rockin’ sale section is also very much worth a frequent stop in as you can get some pretty awesome deals on furniture and rugs!

Photos by | Ryley Bickerdike of Curate Interior Styling + Design | @curate_ca

There are so many stores on South Granville to visit. If you ever need a guide book, check out The South Granville Blog’s curated list for awesome suggestions.

Honourable mentions: Anthropologie, Goodge Place, Restoration Hardware and Latest Scoop (they have great home accessories, amongst their lovely clothing selection).

Viva Las SOGO!



I know it is too soon to talk about Summer being over, but I've had Fall on the brain lately while chatting about Thanksgiving plans! The season is coming where we will be spending more time at the dinner table so I thought I would ease us into that with some dining room inspiration that is fresh, bright and summer / fall appropriate. 

**One little styling tip for you as the seasons transition: The greens or florals you bring into your space have a big impact on the seasonal feel in a room. Stick with some tropical stems if you want to hang onto summer a bit longer and if you are ready to make the change, start looking for the jewel toned flowers and dark 'foresty' greens. 

Source unknown. / Content via:  Pinterest

Source unknown. / Content via: Pinterest

Designed by:  Hecker Guthrie  / Architecture by:  JCB Architects  / Content Via:  Est Living

Designed by: Hecker Guthrie / Architecture by: JCB Architects / Content Via: Est Living

Source unknown / Content via:  Pinterest

Source unknown / Content via: Pinterest

Designed by:  Leanne Ford Interiors   / Photography by:  Nicole Franzen   / Content Via:  Domino Magazine

Designed by: Leanne Ford Interiors  / Photography by: Nicole Franzen  / Content Via: Domino Magazine

Designed by:  The Canny Group  / Content via:  Pinterest

Designed by: The Canny Group / Content via: Pinterest

Source unknown / Content via:  Pinterest

Source unknown / Content via: Pinterest

Styling by:  H  eather Nette King  / Content via:  Home and Garden Magazine  / Photo by:  Dereck Swalwell

Styling by: Heather Nette King / Content via: Home and Garden Magazine / Photo by: Dereck Swalwell

Content via:  SF Bay Girl  / Photographed by:  Emily Andrews

Content via: SF Bay Girl / Photographed by: Emily Andrews

Content via:  Pinterest

Content via: Pinterest

L I V I N G . S P A C E S.

I've collected 9 living room inspirations that I think are thoughtfully designed, unique and look like they have a very high chance of being extremely comfortable. The ability to relax and completely veg out are key in spaces we spend every day in. That is what homes are for!

  ~ Please enjoy ~


Designed by: Andrew Mellios of  AM Architecture   | Content via:  Est Living

Designed by: Andrew Mellios of AM Architecture  | Content via: Est Living

Designed by:  Sarah Sherman Samuel   Photo by:  Sarah Sherman Samuel   | Content via:  Sarah Sherman Samuel

Designed by: Sarah Sherman Samuel  Photo by: Sarah Sherman Samuel  | Content via: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Designed by:  Gordana Golubovic  | Photo By:  Lauren Moore  | Content via:  Est Living

Designed by: Gordana Golubovic | Photo By: Lauren Moore | Content via: Est Living

Designed by:  Amber Interiors   | Content via:  Amber Interiors

Designed by: Amber Interiors  | Content via: Amber Interiors

 Designed by:  Architect Prineas  | Photo by:  Chris Warnes  | Content via:  Est Living

 Designed by: Architect Prineas | Photo by: Chris Warnes | Content via: Est Living

Content via:  Pinterest

Content via: Pinterest

 Styling by:  Lucy Feagins  | Photo by:   Sean Fennessy  | Content via:  The Design Files

 Styling by: Lucy Feagins | Photo by:  Sean Fennessy | Content via: The Design Files

Interior Design, & Styling by:  Avenue Design Studio   | Photography:  Avenue Design Studio  | Content via:  Avenue Design Studio  

Interior Design, & Styling by: Avenue Design Studio  | Photography: Avenue Design Studio | Content via: Avenue Design Studio 

Designed by:  Pop & Scott   Content via:  Pop & Scott

Designed by: Pop & Scott  Content via: Pop & Scott


I am so excited to announce that I have recently launched a line of my very own photographic prints! Throughout the last few years I have developed a passion for photography and while working on projects and decorating homes I noticed an un-tapped niche to be filled with high-quality, archival digital art works.

I'm so inspired by things we see everyday, things you might walk past and not give a second glance to. I love to capture those little details and elevate their beauty.

Adding elements to a space to make them feel light, bright, relaxing and welcoming is always my goal and this collection of prints do exactly that. They are great as a focal piece on their own or included in an art cluster or collage.  I have collaborated with a local printer, Scott August at Art Production & Photo Services. His eye for detail and are so on point.  Check out the prints at my Etsy Shop

Have a wonderful day!




I thought I would start out this blog with a little introduction to myself (to the right) and my newly founded company.

I'm Ryley and my company is CURATE. I provide interior styling + design services as well as my own photographic prints (see store). "Curate" by definition means to select. When I chose this name for my business it really stood out to me because I have recently had this ground breaking realization that we are capable of cultivating & creating the exact life we want to live; crazy concept, right?! From people, places, experiences and objects, it is so important to surround yourself with the things that elevate every day routines, feed your soul, and allow you to feel like your best self. I strongly believe that your surroundings play a crucial role in creating an amazing lifestyle, be it your home, your office, your tribe, or your places near and far. 

Follow along while I share my inspirations, ideas and thoughts on creating uplifting surroundings and lifestyle. 

Chat soon!