Linens for the home.


This is a bit of a random topic but I feel like it is functional! I went to post an instagram this morning of a faucet and a dish cloth and thought it would cool to suggest some places around town where you can get some gorgeous and good quality linens for your home. I’m not one who likes to spend a ton of money on this kind of thing, but we use linens, towels, dish clothes every day, so my thought is if we buy better they will last longer and elevate the aesthetic in our homes.


$22.00 | Binchotan Tea Towel | Orling & Wu

This tea towel is infused with binchotan charcoal which is the highest grade of charcoal and is known for its purification properties. It also absorbs odours and bacteria and comes in an a selection a really nice rustic/neutral tones.


$15.00 | Binchotan Dish Cloth | Orling & Wu

It comes in a dish cloth as well. I think the binchotan properties would be even better put to use in a dishcloth.


$22.00 | Stoned Washed Texeda Hand Towel | Nineteen Ten

I love this option for his versatility. You could use this in your bathroom as a hand towel or in the kitchen as a tea towel, but I would also purpose them as every day napkins. They are highly absorbent, eco-friendly and made in Turkey!


$70.00 | Waffle Towel | Nineteen Ten

This fabric is so delicious! It has such great visual and physical texture. It is a little pricier for a towel, but like the other tea towel it is pretty multi-purpose. You could have a couple of these in your bathroom (they would look really lovely, casually hanging on some hooks), or you could use it a your beach towel, or a throw on your sofa. They are fast drying, light weight and made in Turkey.


$28.00-$90.00 | Pasak Linen & White Towels | The Cross Decor + Design

These are a tad more traditional than my usual style but I think they are super gorgeous and detailed espicially if you would like something a little more formal or special for guests. The price ranges for the face, hand or body towel. I recently used the face towel as a dish towel in photoshoot and while that may seem like a pricey towel to do the dishes with it added a beautiful detailed element to the kitchen. These beauties are made in Portugal and can be tossed in the washing machine on warm.


$22.00-$95.00 | Uchino Zero Twist Towel Orling & Wu

These towels are light, simple would suit almost any space. They are carefully combed to prevent shedding and have a hollow core which makes them quick drying while still having a high absorbency. I have felt these in person and they are so luscious and light, the photo does not do them justice. These are great investment towels for sure.


$48.00 | Shapes Grey Towel | The Cross Decor + Design

So simple and lovely. Would look great in the bathroom or the kitchen and would be functional for both. It is machine washable and made in Mexico.


$75.00 | Bath Sheet | Le Fil Rouge Textiles

This company is Vancouver based and designs their products locally with 100% European linen. Did you know that linen is the most absorbent, natural fiber in the world!? I love the versatility of products like this and the name" “bath sheet”. You can use them as towels, traveling blankets, table clothes, throws for your sofa… You name it.

All of these stores carry lots of different options for home linens and other really beautiful decorative and functional pieces.

Honourable mentions: The Cross Decor & Design , Nineteen Ten , Orling & Wu, Le Fil Rouge Textiles